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What is Ergorithm

Ergorithm is a wearable device, designed to correct posture by alerting the wearer to changes in how they are sitting.

$750M in insurance claims

Each year, up to $750M in private health insurance claims in Australia alone are related to back or posture. Even if a fraction of these could be avoided with Ergorithm, it would pay for the investment many times over.

5 Million people in offices

Circa 5 Million Australians work in office environments. This is only likely to grow as automation increases, putting more pressure on health claims.

1 in 5 already own

Nearly 20% of Australians own a wearable device. This means that people are generally happy with the concept. Wearing a simple device for health purposes isn't likely to be a problem.

How Ergorithm Works

We use cutting edge sensors to measure how you're sitting. This sensor sends back readings to our proprietary algorithm which determines whether you're sitting properly or not. If you need a nudge, we'll let you know it is time to sit up straight.

High Tech Sensors

We use a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to measure a variety of inputs including the angle at which you're sitting, movement, temperature, humidity and speed. These readings are measured continuously and sent back to our cloud processing platform.

Clever Algorithm

Our data scientists looked at a large set of data from our testing phase and devised the best algorithms to determine when your posture needs correcting (or when you're just leaning forward to read some small text). Once we've calibrated for your particular patterns, the device automatically starts working.

Gentle Reminder

Okay, so it isn't that gentle, but you'll know when you need to sit up, and also when you should have a stretch. With your permission, we can share the data with your health professional or insurance company which may assist in your treatment and recovery or provide rewards for healthy posture.

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Ergorithm by Lynxx

Lynxx is an analytics company with offices in Australia and the Netherlands

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